Most retired folks have been through the grist-mill. They probably started out thinking that they could change the world then slowly, bit by bit, gave up. Just wanted to get to the end of the day. Now retired, they find time on their hands, and there’s no better way to use that time then to start a petition for something that needs to be changed.

Take the health care system… or CPP… or anything. Here are a couple of ideas…


Why do this? Because I learned in the TV biz, that an email is considered representative of 10 people; a¬†phone call is considered representative of 100 people; and a letter is representative of 1000 people. That’s a heck of a lot of people to listen to. And politicians likewise will listen, we just have to reach out.

Seaghan Hancocks

Mr. Seaghan (pronounced shawn) Hancocks works as a professional broadcast Line Producer. Between gigs he writes for his growing web clientele.

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